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Digital Tension Indicator DTAX

The DTAX tension amplifier is a compact signal conditioning amplifier designed for use with any of the CMC Controls Ltd range of tension transducers. The measurement of actual web tension is made by sensing, with strain gauge transducers, (sometimes referred to as ‘load cells’), the force on a sensing roller caused by the tension in the web. The electrical signal from the transducer is a combination of tension force and roller deadweight. The deadweight of the sensing roller is zeroed out electronically, leaving only the tension force to be displayed on a meter.

The DTAX requires an external 24V d.c. power supply

The DTAX unit uses high specification amplifiers and an integral voltmeter in a DIN rail mounted housing. The DTAX provides transducer excitation of either 5V or 10V d.c., an analogue voltage output (0-10V d.c.) relating to the total tension detected (The sum of the left and right transducers if two transducers are fitted), separate left and right output voltages and 0-20mA or 4-20mA into 250ohms for remote metering or to the input of a control system. There is in addition a dual range facility as standard.

The DTAX has fully variable zero offsets for both positive and negative roller deadweights.

Further information on installation and mounting data, terminal arrangement, calibration and transducer, power and metering connection please refer to the
CMC DTAX handbook

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