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The Cleveland Kidder Ultra LINE Slim Cell

Cleveland Motion Controls new Ultra Line Slim Cell Transducer is part of the new Cleveland-KidderŽ Ultra Line Tension Transducer family. With a unique low-profile design, it sets the standard for either new machinery or for retrofits where space is tight. With a dust sealed, corrosion resisting, water resisting design, it is ideal for use in demanding industrial environments.

The Ultra Line Slim Cell Transducer can be used with either rotating shafts or dead shaft rollers and has a flat cylindrical shape. It is designed to reduce the required side-frame-to-sideframe width of the machine.

Ultra Line Slim Cells, when used in conjunction with CMC 2700 and DTAX Amplifiers, provide better performance than competitive load cells by increasing the operating tension range from 8:1 to 40:1. They also provide more accurate measurement by eliminating electrical disturbances caused by AC drives, servos, and other modern high frequency devices.

For further information on specification, installation and mounting data, consult the Cleveland Kidder Ultra Slim Cell datasheet

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