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Classic WUPB Waterproof Under Pillow Block transducer

Waterproof WUPB Transducer The Waterproof Under Pillow Block Transducer [WUPB] is suitable for any machine with rotating shaft rollers and plummer (pillow) block bearings.

When fitted in pairs to a suitable non driven path roller they provide an accurate means of measuring the web tension in any continuous process.

The transducers are fitted under the existing bearings where the wrap angle is constant. The removable bearing mounting plate accepts industry standard bearings.

Retrofitting to existing machines is a very simple operation. The low height, compact design means minimum disturbance to the web path.

For Intrinsically Safe systems the transducers can be mounted in the hazardous area with proprietary zener barrier or galvanic isolator modules.

As the transducer is made from one solid piece and there are no moving parts, pivots, O rings, seals or bearings within the transducer, no maintenance is required.

Proven in over thirty years of demanding industrial use, these transducers are suitable for applications involving a wide range of tensions in industries as diverse as paper, textiles, floor covering, plastics, wire, cable, tyre, metals, foils and optical fibres.

The transducers comply with the relevant CE directives.

ModelMWF kgMax. shaft diameter
WUPB 122, 45, 110, 220, 45030mm typical
WUPB 2450, 1,100, 2,200, 4,50065mm typical

For further information, consult the Waterproof WUPB transducer datasheet

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